Xero Migration & Implementation

Moving from any system to Xero can be scary. You are used to your current system and it “works” for you, right? Xero will no doubt save you so much time and effort, we promise. Therefore, we created our Xero Implementation service – to enable the move to be pain free and hassle free – taking care of everything for you!

How does the transition
to Xero work?

Step 1

We do a full review of your current system to understand your business structure and needs.

Step 2

We plan out a new structure, ensuring that it saves you time and effort, making use of Xero Cloud and any apps.

Step 3

We get to work on your Xero implementation, moving across financial information as planned, and getting your new Xero system set up.

Step 4

We test the new system, provide training for you and your team, and offer ongoing support to ensure all is running smoothly.

Move to Xero - done correctly!

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We have seen so many cases where Xero implementation has been poor, resulting in the new system taking your business longer. This should never be the case. If this has happened to you, get in touch so we can assess and fix this for you.

Done for you

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We take care of everything for you – from start to finish. You will not need to be involved in the technicalities of the Xero implementation until the point of training, where we hold your hand through the process and ensure you are fully comfortable with how it works.

Xero Accounting Software

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Xero has all the features you need to run your business. It keeps all your financial data in one place and simplifies everyday tasks such as paying bills, keeping track of your inventory, sending invoices or claiming expenses. At Streets Steele, we love working with Xero and we are sure that it will help you save time. See how it works with this video.

Xero app

Additional solutions we can implement during your Xero Migration Project

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We can help you move to Xero from the following systems

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