Xero Health Check & MOT

If your business has already discovered the wonders of Xero cloud accounting, the first step has been taken to take your business to the next level. This Xero health check & MOT service is aimed at those who want an expert check on whether it is being used correctly and to its full potential.

How does a Xero
health check work?

Step 1

Allow us access to your Xero, by adding us as a user

Step 2

We get to work, carrying out a full analysis of your Xero account and how it is currently being used

Step 3

Depending on your chosen service, we provide a report of feedback on areas that need attention, and where you could improve

Step 4

Armed with our report, you can either make the changes yourself, or make use of our MOT or full service option where we delve deeper, giving you real suggestions and guidance on improving your Xero

Xero Basic MOT Service

Steele Financial Pattern

Our Basic MOT service will produce a report for your business on two-three main areas of improvement that can be made, including a few areas which could be streamlined by using apps.

Xero Full Service

Steele Financial Pattern

Our Xero Full Service will produce a much more detailed report on ALL areas of your Xero and finance function, guaranteed to save you staff hours, streamlining your finance function with use of recommended apps.

Xero Accounting Software

Steele Financial Pattern

Xero has all the features you need to run your business. It keeps all your financial data in one place and simplifies everyday tasks such as paying bills, keeping track of your inventory, sending invoices or claiming expenses. At Streets Steele, we love working with Xero and we are sure that it will help you save time. See how it works with this video.

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