Meet with us either virtually through Skype, by telephone or in person and we will do the rest.

Accurate & On Time

We’ll use our knowledge & experience to fill in the tax return with accurate information.

Saving you money

When completing your tax return, we will let you know if we can reduce the bill in any way, ensuring all allowable claims are made

Why use us to do your tax return for you?

Because life is too short to be spent worried about doing your tax return.

The fact is doing your tax return and then submitting it to HMRC can take a very long time, especially if you are unfamiliar with which parts of the form you need to fill in and/or if you don’t have much accounting experience. Then once you have submitted it, you could still get a penalty from HMRC if you have accidentally sent inaccurate information. It’s a lot of stress.

Use us and we will give you peace of mind that your tax return is being sorted with the utmost care and respect that it deserves.

This tax return service is available either as part of an overall accountancy package or if you just need to get your tax return done then it also available as a stand alone service.

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Using Accountancy Manager, we are also able to make your tax return process a competely paperless and virtual experience. Accountancy Manager allows us to send you your finished tax return safely and securely for you to sign online and return to us.

Our Tax Return Process


You will be assigned an accountant who will arrange a meeting either virtually over skype or telephone or in person if you wish.


After our meeting, you may need to send over a couple of documents to us including your last tax return which you can send over using Accountancy Manager.


Once we have finished your tax return, we will send it to you to review online using Accountancy Manager and tell you how much tax you will need to pay.


We will amend the tax return based on any discussions. Once you are happy, all you need to do is sign it on your computer.

While tax is automatically deducted from wages, pensions and savings, a self assessment tax return is used to work out what needs to be taxed on other income a business or individual has earned including:

  • Income from Renting property (if it was over £2500).
  • Income from saving and investments (if over £10,000).
  • Income from abroad.
  • Profits made from selling assets or a second home.

You will need to submit your tax return to HMRC and pay any tax you owe by the 31st January 2019 if you are:

  • A director of a limited company
  • Self-employed
  • Employed and earning a salary of more than £100,000
  • Earning more than £50,000 and receiving child benefit
  • Receiving property income
  • Earning any income that hasn’t been taxed

Failure to submit your tax return in time will result in a £100 fine being added for each day the tax return is late. This means that the longer you take to submit your tax return, the more you will have to pay HMRC.

The deadline to submit your tax return is by midnight on the 31st January 2019. You must also pay any tax you owe by then as well.


Do you have any questions about your tax return?


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