Save time

You no longer need to chase customers or clients for payments and can focus on running your business and making more money.

Friendly Service

We know you value your customers so we will deal with any debtors delicately so they remain happy with your service or product.

Improve Cash Flow

Getting payments sooner will ensure you don’t suffer any problems that come from a poor cash flow.

Why use us to do credit control for you?

Because recovering overdue payments from customer is often a very long and very difficult process.

Unfortunately as much as there may be automatic systems in place to get payments from customers, sometimes a personal touch is required. This takes time away from you which you could be spending getting more work completed.

Let us get the payments for you. We will communicate regularly with debtors to ensure that debts don’t have a chance to become overdue. Or if you just need a particular invoice to be chased up, then we can do that for you as well. Our friendly but firm, professional approach will ensure that we get the money for you while keeping the customer happy.

What can you expect?

As part of our credit control service, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Timely customer collections on agreed time scales
  • A friendly but firm, professional approach
  • Increased cashflow
  • Regular updates on Xero and to you by email

Our Credit Control Process


We will regularly communicate with anyone who has any outstanding invoices with your business to ensure they pay on time. We will notify you first if you wish.


For any further overdue invoices, we will let you know and explain the different options we can pursue to try and get your invoice paid as soon as possible.


We will then contact the client with regards the overdue invoice and implement your chosen option.


When they do pay their debt, then we will mark their invoice(s) as paid in Xero. Otherwise, if they don’t pay, then we can look to apply additional measures.

You can claim interest and debt recovery costs if another business is late paying for goods or a service.

You can agree a payment date. If you don’t have an agreement, the law says the payment is late after 30 days for public authorities and 60 days for business transactions after either:

  • the customer gets the invoice
  • you deliver the goods or provide the service (if this is later)

The interest you can charge if another business is late paying for goods or a service is ‘statutory interest’ – this is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions. You can’t claim statutory interest if there’s a different rate of interest in a contract.

For example, if your business were owed £1,000 and the Bank of England base rate were 0.5%:

  • the annual statutory interest on this would be £85 (1,000 x 0.085 = £85)
  • divide £85 by 365 to get the daily interest: 23p a day (85 / 365 = 0.23)
  • after 50 days this would be £11.50 (50 x 0.23 = 11.50)

You must send a new invoice if you decide to charge interest on a debt you are owed.

You can also charge a business a fixed sum for the cost of recovering a late commercial payment on top of claiming interest from it.

The amount you’re allowed to charge depends on the amount of debt.

  • Up to £999.99 – £40
  • £1,000 to £9,999.99 – £70
  • £10,000 or more – £100

If you are a supplier, you can also claim for reasonable costs in recovering debt.


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