Monitor Progress

Having budgets and forecasts is the easiest way to check whether your business is heading in the right direction and if you are on course to achieve your aims and goals

Remove Weaknesses

Forecasting and budgeting allows us to detect potential problems before they become threats to your business and start costing you money and effort.


You can use your budgets & forecasts to ensure all your staff are pulling in the same direction & to explain how they can contribute towards achieving your goals.

Why use us to do your budgeting and forecasting for you?

Because a lack of financial planning is one of the main reasons a business fails.

Well thought out budgets and forecasts become an indispensable tool for your business both to evaluate if there are going to be any challenges ahead and to give guidance regarding how much money you should be spending. You can then monitor your actual spend against your budget, to help evaluate how your business is doing and to help guide you to achieve your goals.

Use us to give you peace of mind that you will not receive a poor budget or forecast which as well as being useless, could also become misleading and encourage you to make poor decisions that cost you money.

Budgets & forecasts are also essential if you ever plan to raise funding, approach investors, or have plans to expand.

What Can I Expect?

As part of our budgeting & forecasting service, you can expect the following:

  • Access to high-end cloud budgeting/forecasting software
  • Cash flow forecasts and budgets for different scenarios
  • Alerts to help you stick to the budget
  • A dashboard to check your actual spend against your budget
  • Presentations from one of our Chartered Accountants

Our Budgeting & Forecasting Process


We will prepare a “health check” using your previous accounting data as a starting point. This will highlight areas of interest for us to keep an eye on


We will then prepare a basic budget/forecast for you based on previous data. Once we have finished, we will then discuss these reports with you which you will be able to access online.


Once you have agreed to a budget, at any point you can check your actual spend against your budget.


We will check in to see how your business is doing against these reports and if any adjustments need to be made to achieve your goals.

The key difference between a budget and a forecast is that a budget plans for where a business aims to go, while a forecast indicates where a business is actually going.

We use FUTRLI to produce our budgets and forecasts and as part of the budgeting and forecasting service, you will be given a login to FUTRLI which you then use to access the budgets and forecasts.

You can then also have these budgets and forecasts as PDFs as well.

You can check anytime your actual spend vs your budget by logging into FUTRLI.

In addition, FUTRLI can also send out alerts to let you know when you are in danger of breaching your budget or to let you know when you have achieved an objective.


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